Thursday, March 24, 2011

Could there be love beneath these wings?

 Like a lot of things in Australia, flying domestically is a much more laid back experience. To fly domestically within the States, at least as a Canadian citizen, is quite a stressful process. I always felt like a bit of a terrorist (I swear I'm innocent!) with all the strict rules and regulations. It's a much bigger hassle and security often seems quite impatient, impersonal and grumpy. In Australia you can bring your groceries on the plane with you (a very good thing when you're backpacking) don't have to put all your liquids in baggies and you can keep your shoes on when going through the metal detector! It's also much cheaper to fly around Australia than it is in Canada, with the lowest flight from Sydney to Melbourne costing in total around $50 AUD. The draw back with these cheap flights though, is that they charge you for everything beyond the basics, such as checked luggage, in-flight bevvies and paying for it all with anything aside from a few select methods will cost you a little extra coin.

Also, a cyber high-five to anyone who can tell me what song the title of this post is from!

Friday, March 18, 2011

You can call me Crispy...

After I left Katoomba with just five days until my flight to Melbourne was to depart, I decided to head to a little beach town called Newcastle, about a three and a half hour train ride from Sydney. I didn't book anything in advance when I left for Newcastle, just grabbed my bags and hopped on the train.