Monday, January 24, 2011


When I would talk to people about my trip I’d often describe the upcoming experience as ‘interesting’ and the person I was talking to would usually react in kind of a negative way, perhaps thinking I wasn’t excited about it, or thinking that it wasn’t a good thing. Unfortunately, I think the word ‘interesting’ often falls into the category of ‘odd’ and  ‘weird’, all of which seem to generally be spoken in a negative context, to which I disagree.  I see them as good things, a break from the norm, which I find to be quite refreshing in today’s society. When I used the term ‘interesting’ as the descriptor, I feel it to be the most accurate way to describe my upcoming experience, because not all of it will be good, and not all of it will be bad, but all of it will surely be ‘interesting’.


Anonymous said...

good introduction! had to look twice, didn't think anything so profound could come out of your mouth! definitely looking forward to hearing more of it! you better have the best damn time of your life! and i want some wicked stories!
the adventure of a lifetime!

(so jealous right now)

Anonymous said...

"Good on ya, mate" as they say Down Under. It's been 31 years almost to the day since I went on my 4-month long adventure and I still think of it often. Hope you have at least as great a time of it as I did.
Best wishes from your 2nd cousin, Linda.

Jilene said...

@Devin What are you talking about, I say profound things all the time!

@Linda Thanks, I hope I do too :)