Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun on Philip Island!

From Tasmania I flew back to Melbourne, where I spent five days enjoying the company of, and having picnics with two of the friends I made last time I was there. I visited a couple gardens, the Australian Center for Moving Image and stumbled upon a really neat alley way in China town that was covered in awesome graffiti. The Formula 1 Race was coming to Melbourne, and due to high prices and lack of accommodation availibility, I needed to leave the city. My destination?
Phillip Island, home of the famous Penguin Parade! I took the bus out there, with no real plan or knowledge of what the island had to offer. I ended up renting bicycle for a day and made my way to San Remo to see a pelican feeding. With a few stops here and there, I covered 46 kms that day. Needless to say, I was very sore the next couple days!!

The Nobbies

I found a ride down to the Nobbies and saw some penguins. Because I didn't end up going to the tour company sponsored parade, which is at night, I was able to save a bunch of money and actually get some pictures! The penguin's eyes are very sensitive and at night you re not allowed to take any flash photos of the penguins as it can potentially blind them.
Little Penguins!
I spent my last two days on Phillip Island working for a local winery picking grapes. They were good people to work for, they paid well, supplied food, and when we finished, gave us a free wine tasting! While the work was monotonous and dirty, it was relatively easy and a good way to get some extra cash.
Massive spider I almost ran into 3 times

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