Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adventures on Kangaroo Island

In one of my first posts I briefly mentioned meeting a man on my flight from L.A. To Fiji who offered to let me stay at his home on Kangaroo Island if I was ever in the area.
Guessssss what!
I was in the area.

Anna and I took our car across the ferry to KI, which is expensive, but as there is no public transport on the Island, your only other options are to rent a car or take tours, and neither of those suited out tastes.
 We had the whole property to ourselves, which featured heaps of wildlife (the kangaroos would come right up to the house!), a gorgeous private beach 600 metres from the house, and a kitchen all to ourselves, where we cooked some gorgeous meals. We had a few issues to deal with, including me having to work through my childhood hatred of mice and Anna and I learning how to live harmoniously together in isolation, which is cool considering we were practically strangers before the Great Ocean Road! While we spent a lot of time enjoying the property and trying new recepies, we also explored the rest of the island. We did a few road trips, checking out the local sites, such as a eucalyptus distillery (featuring a pet joey!), lavender farm (smelled so good), honey farm (delicious), ran up the Little Sahara Sand Dunes (sand everywhere!) and saw many beautiful beaches and bays. At one point, while frolicking amongst the warm crashing waves, my camera fell out of my pocket. Into the ocean. We searched high and low and finally, after an hour and a half of searching, Anna found it buried under ocean water, rocks, sand and seaweed. And guess what? My camera is water proof... it still works!! If finding a small camera lost for an hour and a half in the rolling ocean waves doesn't prove the power of manifestation, I dunno what does.
At Flinder's Chase National Park, we went on a hike to a platypus watering hole, which, after an hour of sitting silently with no sightings we gave up. We saw heaps of seals at Admirals Arch and spent some time playing around at one of my favorite spots on the island, the Remarkable Rocks! I would say that if you ever visit the island to check out these rocks, cause they truly are remarkable. It's basically a grouping of really large, oddly shaped rocks sitting on a cliff looking over the ocean and you can climb on them, with many really great photo ops. It was like a giant natural playground... for children AND adults!
Sittin' pretty at Remarkable Rocks
Gun show!
All in all, Kangaroo Island was an awesome experience, we had heaps of fun and excitement but were also able to relax and recuperate, which was just what we needed!
Admiral's Arch

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