Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Just before leaving Kangaroo Island, Anna and I, through the mystical, magical flow of the universe, heard about a festival called Confest from someone we contacted on Couchsurfing. Confest is an alternative living gathering, standing for Conference/Festival, and it is entirely volunteer run. The days are filled with workshops teaching about and exploring anything under (or even around!)the sun. I participated in as many workshops as I could, including
chakra toning through sound, hugging 101, spontaneous choir, acrobalancing and holotropic breathing. 
 The beautiful sound of drum circles filled the night sky as people gathered with their various types of drums. You could sit in awe of the pure talent and skill as people spun fire with various different flaming props, including staff, poi, hoops, whips, jump rope and devil sticks. I even tried my hand at fire hooping and poi, what a thrill! I was also honored to teach a few people some hooping tricks.
Fire hooping
If drum circles weren't quite your thing, and you weren't in the mood to just wander aimlessly, then you were welcome to check out the silent disco. I'd never been to one before and found it to be quite a strange environment. It was your typical rave scene, people bouncing to the beats with lazers shooting around them, enjoying the smokey atmosphere and company of both friends and strangers, soon to be new friends. What was weird about it you ask? The fact that there was no music... at least not that a newcomer without headphones could hear. The DJ was pumping out tunes that could only be heard through the use of their special headphones, with 2-3 different DJ sets to choose from.It was a really cool idea... except for the fact that the number of people usually outweighed the number of headphones. The solution to this small issue my friends and I came up with? To belt out the words of whatever songs came to us. We even gathered enough people singing along that people heard us over their headphones! The event organizers finally got the hint and asked people to share the music with headphone-less people. Success!
Our Confest Crew
Confest was a really amazing time for me, I developed a strong bond with many new people, learned more about myself and gained more confidence in who I really am inside. I really hope to be able to make it to the next Confest overr New Years Eve!

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