Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Best of the Barossa

Barossa Valley wine region

Once Anna and I begrudginly left Confest, we headed back to Adelaide, spent a few days there then moved a bit up North to spend a week and a half in the Barossa Valley with a few of the beautiful new friends we made at Confest. 
Our days were spent
helping out the lovely couple, Hana and Colin, that let us stay on their farm, playing guitar, crotcheting, riding and playing with the horses and dogs, and skillfully dodging the love-charges the goat named Charger would run to you for.
Love charge on the couch... Caught on camera!

Our little love-filled family went to The Cat Empire concert in Adelaide one night, where we tore up the dancefloor like no other, gaining both disapproving glances and entertained smiles from the people around us. I even led a mini yoga session during intermission, in which a handful of thoroughly amused random people joined in. If you ever get a chance to see The Cat Empire live, check em out, they're full of fun energy!

Our sweaty crew after tearin' it up at Cat Empire
The 5 of us, Jesse, Orion, Erika, Anna, and I grew very close during that time in the Barossa Valley, we had many adventres and I will always look back on those memories with a warm heart.

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