Sunday, November 27, 2011

R.I.P. Stella!

Bench at Brokenhill

My four friends, Jesse, Orion, Erika, Anna, and myself decided to take a little road trip up to the Rainbow Gathering near Maleny, QLD. Our journey took us up through a bit of the Outback, and the town of Brokenhill, where many desolate horror movies are filmed.

We found camels!
Pullin some thorns from our unshod feet
We stayed for a night in Mt. Grenfel, and at one point, our two vehicles split. Our little car took Anna, Erika and I to Newcastle, where we spent some time with one of the friends I made on my first visit to Newcastle. After sorting some stuff out we continued our journey North to meet up with the boys in Bellingen.
We explored Dorrigo National Park, reunited our family, and continued on to Byron Bay, where we met up with four other friends from Confest. After a lovely little reunion, the 8 of us decided to continue up the road to the Rainbow Gathering, and on the way we ran into a little issue, literally. The brakes on our little car, named Stella The Bitch, failed and we plowed face first into Nora the Nomad, our traveling companions van. Stella was, quite unfortunately, totaled. Luckily, our friend Rebecca lived in Maleny and was able to assist and house us while we sorted out our vehicle issues. Rebecca was definitely our saviour during that little adventure... Thanks Rebecca!

Stella's nose job
The next day, the 8 of us all piled into Nora the Nomad, me with a sore neck and back, and continued our mission to the Rainbow Gathering. I guess you could say we were a bit determined to get there!

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