Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beautiful Byron

After the Rainbow I met up again with my travel partners, spent some time with Rebecca and her family, went to a drumming festival, and checked out the surrounding area a bit.
After a while I felt that it was time
to seperate from my travel partners (Anna, Jesse, Orion, Erika, and Linda, the two other lovely girls, Ambra and Severine decided to continue along the Rainbow road) as they were wanting to go up the coast and find work, while I was being called back down South for a bit to check out the Byron Hinterlands.
Byron Hinterlands
I was sad to split from my friends but it was time to go it alone, after being with Anna for exactly 2 months. They dropped me off at an old familiy friends house in Brisbane, where I stayed for 2 days. I found a ride down to Byron from the online classifieds called Gumtree and found myself a WWOOFing host. I was to stay in Corndale with a man named Adam and his 3 kids.

Yarn bombing!
I did various different things while working there, such as cleaning, feeding chooks, looking after the kids and painting the neighbors house. Adam took me around the area a bit, showing me the beatufiul hinterlands, took me to Lismore to see the yarn bombing (an event where the local knitters gather one night and stealthily cover the towns signs, lamposts, trees etc. in knitted creations) and introduced me to some of his friends. Adam also taught me how to blacksmith, which is really quite cool.
Trying my hand at Blacksmithing
 Blacksmithing, if you don't know, is where you have a hunk of steel, get it red hot in the forge and hit it as hard (and accurately) as you can with a hammer to shape the metal into whatever it is you're creating. I made 2 hooks and Adam helped me to make a small knife, very useful! Blacksmithing is definitely a good skill to have.
The finished products!

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