Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm going North

Watch out for them Cassowaries!
 Once in Surfers Paradise I met up with the ride to Cairns I found online, a guy named Tijmen, and we headed back to Maleny. While there,

 I was hoping to pick up a care package from my family (no such luck, Australia Post is just terrible) and said farewell to Rebecca, the kind and generous lady who let me and my old travel partners stay at her home. Tijmen and I didn't have much time to check out many stops along the way, but managed to see the Town of 1770, picked up 2 hitchikers, went briefly to Airlie Beach (very touristy-blech) and stopped in Townsville for a day, where I visited with some family friends. Thanks for your hospitality, Dan and Karli! It was good to visit with them, as well as my friend Matt and his lovely fiancee Andrea.
Josephine Falls
Tijmen and I continued on our journey to Cairns, spending the night at Josephine Falls Natioinal Park, which was quite pretty. The next day he dropped me off at my first hostel in 3 months... I was not too happy to be in one, but at least I met some other people that were also heading to the festival.
Daintree River ferry... watch out for the crocs!
 I have to thank the random person I never met for setting me up with a ride to the festival, I got to travel up the coastal road through Cape Tribulation in a 4WD... how lucky was I?!
Beautiful view of F.N.Q.

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